Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A winter walk to the polls

It was primary day in the city. Or maybe it was all of Wisconsin. I am not quite sure as I only knew of 2 races that I wanted to cast a vote.

I had planned to stop at the polls right after work but decided to go after dinner instead. A nice walk would be good in digesting the hearty beef stew in my belly. 13 minutes each way should help the stomach.

Since it had been warm out and the snow melting, I was a bit concerned about dark ice patches on the sidewalk. Any time I saw spots where the snow melted I softened my walk a bit just so I didn't wind up on my ass.

I noticed the job most people did in cleaning their sidewalks from the blizzard. Apparently I did one hell of a job in comparison to what I had seen. Some pretty narrow areas. Some loaded with ice. Others still had some slush. Buy some salt people.

But not as bad as the park where the polling place is located. Half the paths were cleared. One path that cuts across the park to the pavilion was cleared halfway. Others abruptly ended in snowbanks. Pretty shoddy work.

I also noticed a big difference since the last time I made this walk in the fall. I came across only one yard sign. That one was for a school board member. I wasn't aware of any of the school board people so I gave the person a vote because of the sign. Otherwise it was quite bare considering those running for county executive,

Quite a bit of snow has melted since the blizzard. With temperatures possibly hitting the 50s this week, I may see some old brown grass within the next couple of days.

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