Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I had one of those days. Nothing great. Nothing bad. Basically it was a reflection of the weather.


I watched the begin and end a couple times during the day. I saw it intensify and get mild. I saw it turn to sleet and slush. And then back to regular rain.

My workload was like that. I was answering to the whims of my boss. At least that is what it seemed to be to me. I had the answers but I had to use someone else's data to explain what was happening. As each hour went by, I was given different instructions on how to manipulate the data and pull the expected information from it. I gave them what they wanted.

But it wasn't what I wanted. A lot of it didn't make sense. They were asking questions of what my department does, but my boss wanted to use someone else's tracking information as proof. As much as I wanted to use the spreadsheets I had created- which included the charts they wanted to see- I couldn't. I had the data in a manner I understood. I could tell you what was done, how much of it was done and how and why it was officially classified. But I had to use some sloppy information that lacked consistency. In the end I had to redo their information and reclassify it into simpler categories. It felt like a big waste of time.

In the end I still wondered why I spent my day goofing around with someone else's info. Why weren't they doing it? But I was smart enough to realize not to ask those questions. I like the paychecks.

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