Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A perfect storm for sports drunkies?

It seems like someone's idea of the perfect day. St. Patrick's Day, a day where people get up to hit the bar at 6 am to get drunk out of their mind and puke by noon. Combine it with the first full day of March Madness, a day where people hit the bar at 10 am to watch basketball and get drunk out of their mind and puke by 6 pm. But the ballers will rally around the thought of some nachos and go out until the last game of the night is played and their buddies are carrying them out the door.

The true partiers will then make it back out at 11 the next morning to once again hit it hard and make it another day of drinking. Those of the animals that are usually unemployed and spend their days at the bar anyways. So while impressive, it may not be when you analyze the full situation.

Me? Pfft! I am neither Irish nor a basketball fan. I could care less about either of them. Hell, I liked to buy a shirt that says "Screw you! I am not Irish, not even for your stupid made up holiday!" I would like to kick any putz I see wearing that gay baby blue of North Carolina. Maybe I could find some Irish numbnut who is a Tar Heel fan and take care of two birds with one stone.

The only I do like is the drinking part. I don't go out for the games on Thursday unless I know some buddies are out there and they want a drinking partner. I rather wait until Friday so I can go out drinking and bowling with lesbians. I tell you, it is the way to go.

Pass of the storm of Irish and drunk b-ball fans. Wait another day to hit the lanes and go head to head against women who are trying to pick up the same chick you are.

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AletaR said...

Thank you for making me laugh so early in the morning.