Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bouncing back

Today was kind of a weird day. I woke up around 3 in the morning, starting hack phlegm, went to work, felt better as the day went on, put the top down for the drive home, and then got in a bit of a workout. I even got the lawn mower going and decided not to mow the lawn.

I really should create an alarm clock that emits the sound of a cat puking. Nothing gets you out of bed faster than a cat puking. You are instantly awake when you hear that sound. Not that I was awake, I had trouble getting back to sleep. Some wheezing and coughing went on and soon my real alarm was going off. Crap!

Did some morning stretches and got on the road to work. I was a bit concerned that taking some stairs would leave me winded like I had been over the last couple of days. That was not an issue. Cool. Otherwise work was rather uneventful. I noticed how I felt much better as the day went on. No coughing until the end and that was after I made a comment to a coworker. Damn you Murphy!

The temperature drop from where I work to my home was 13 degrees. As always, I felt the drop in temperature as I passed by Miller Park. There was no breeze so going over the bridge at the lake was frigid.

I tried to get a workout in. I hoped for 30 minutes but had to settle for 21. I got real tired at the 18 minute mark and my lungs felt like they would explode. But it felt good in a weird way. I hope to expand on it tomorrow and be back on schedule by Friday.

My last goal for today was to get the lawn mower started. I tried a bit yesterday but the motor was giving me no response. If I couldn't get it going today I would be on the phone to Cookie Mike. On the second attempt it fired up! I then quickly decided I didn't want to mow the lawn today. Right now my grass is uneven. Some parts are long and need to be cut. Others need some weed and feed to kill the creeping Charlie. I can hold off on cutting the grass until the weekend.

I did fire up the weed wacker to make sure that was going to work. Got that going on the second attempt too. So I hit those high spots and called it a day.

Hopefully my friend Ben can help me with the fence mending and I will have accomplished everything I didn't have a chance to do this past weekend. This will give me plenty of time to celebrate American Craft Beer Week next week.

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