Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrity weird dream

I had intended to talk about more about the beer sampled on the Beer Circuit but I had another one of those crazy dreams last night. The dream was compounded by me waking up in the middle and somehow getting back to sleep right away and back into the dream.

Begin making wavy movements with your hands just like Wayne and Garth used to in the SNL skits and let the dream begin...

Instead of going into work, I went in for a job interview at a different company. My old boss had insisted I go and talk to this lady about an opportunity at a company in downtown Milwaukee. The lady was quite eager to talk to me. When I got to the office and told the secretary I was there, she immediately came through a door and said I didn't need to bother with the paperwork. She ten began to take me on a tour of the building.

There were a lot of people moving around the building as we walked through. Everyone really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. Problem was, I could tell they weren't really doing any work. In fact, as the lady talked about her company, she never told me what the job was that they were hiring for. She selling me on the company.

We walked around a couple of floors until she came to a spot in the middle of the floor. She mentioned that this was the one area of the entire building that they had messed up. She pointed to a spot where there were a lot of empty spiral magazine racks stacked into a side of the wall. She said they were already remedying the situation and that I should go take a look. As I approached the racks, I noticed people were lining up to get in towards the wall. At first I noticed a board touting a new fitness program at the company. There was an electronic sign in sheet underneath. But that wasn't what the people were muscling in for. There was another electric board next to it. That board showed the football pool for the week. The games were constantly changing as people picked their teams. She told me to go ahead and sign up since I was part of the team. I ended up taking Wisconsin -2 1/2. Don't ask who they were playing.

After I had signed up for the football pool I began to wonder what she meant by being part of the team. She said she'd talk to me more tomorrow. I left that day wondering if I had a new job.

I showed up the next day with no clue what I was supposed to do. When I asked for my "new boss", I was told that she was busy. I was then said to get comfortable and that I would fit right in. I had no clue what to do so I started walking around the building.

I must have wandered around for a good amount of time because the next thing I was doing was getting lunch. I went to the cafeteria and discovered a bunch of fast food stations. Not sure whether or not I had to pay for anything I just went up to a vendor and asked what they had. The vendor turned out to be Wil Ferrel. And he was being a total asshole to me. He wanted proof that I worked there. I wasn't given an ID yet so I couldn't prove anything. He kept hassling me but finally relented. He gave me a plate of fries and a bowl of chili. When I gave him a strange look about the food he started eating my fries. He then put his fingers in my chili. He was really beginning to piss me off.

I began to walk away with my food until I realized he hadn't given me my soda. I went back and asked for my drink. He said I didn't order one. I presented a receipt and he claimed I made it up myself. I was really pissed off now. I went and found a manager for the cafeteria. I told her what happened and she just laughed. She said I probably didn't want a soda and that I should just let it be.

I then figured the place out. No one was doing any work and getting away with it because no one wanted to rock the boat. No one wanted to be the one to enforce any rules. I was beginning to hope that was going to be my job. But first, I wanted some revenge.

I went back to Wil Ferrel and asked for my soda. He started lipping off, asking what was I going to do. I began to smash all the bags of chips on his counter. He began to protest. I egged him on a bit, asking him what he would do about it, tell his manager? I then began to give him uppercuts to the jaw. Each time I did, his head would fly into a bag of potato chips that was handing over his head.

I then woke up. Another pretty weird dream. But this one was entertaining. Hopefully I have another good one tonight.

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AletaR said...

Well at least you found another job with a cafeteria.