Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hope you have time. Its a schong post

What is with all the dick talk on TV nowadays? I watched 4 shows yesterday. 3 of them had direct comments about penis. Granted, most of it was done in a funny manner and I wasn’t offended in the least. But I still wondered, when did standards loosen up that dick jokes are funny enough for the masses?
Technically I should state it started last week. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a show that may have created, but as least brought to new heights the term “bag of dicks”, kicked off the season with the use of “dickskin” in the premier. I watched the show on Sunday. I guess the prompted me to call a friend “dickskin” the rest of the day. If there is one thing It’s Always Sunny will do beside make you laugh, it will shock you with the content a couple times during its run.
Another show I had recorded and finally got around to watching was Louie. Other people I know love Louis CK and had rave reviews about his show. I understand why. It is funny. The show I watched from this weekend was hilarious in that awkward Louie way. I can’t remember the beginning exactly but as I recall he was on stage doing a bit about how his kids wake up early and how they wake him up. That he could be in a great dream, getting his dick sucked by some awesome dick sucking being and the kids would wake him up and ruin it. Oh, soon Steven Wright would tell him he had to wait around the venue so he would get laid because he had killed it. Soon, a lady in a car would tell Louie that she wanted to show him her pussy. That phrase would get repeated a couple of times. But the show started with dick talk. Hey, I don’t want to drift off the topic.
Let’s move on towards How I Met Your Mother. One character is worried that a video of him being drunk and running around naked will prevent him from getting a job. Comments are made about him being endowed, snakes, etc. Even a show on at 7pm on regular TV can have dick talk in it. Louie and It’s Always Sunny are at least on cable and televise at 9:00. Sure this dick talk was tamer than the cable variety. They did say the word dick, but still, they are talking dick.
Next was the premier of Two and a half Men without Charlie Sheen. Yeah, I bought into the hype. I was curious to see how they killed him. What I watched was a vindictive opening that really wasn’t that funny. Actually, the whole episode wasn’t really funny. A lot of that ended up with Kutcher’s character finding ways to get naked so Alan could comment about him being hung like an elephant and allowing other female characters to stand mouth agape as he was naked in front of them. They tried to get as much mileage out of dick as they could possibly get. But here was the kicker. After referring to his schlong all episode, Kutcher walks up the stairs at the end and they blurred his ass. Really? You talk dick for 28 minutes and decide to you can show a guy’s butt on the air? Silly.
Then there was the final show of the night, 2 Broke Chicks. Ok, they didn’t talk dick here, but they kept up with the sex jokes. In the first scene, a waitress disappears in the back and is getting nailed in the cooler. We know this as we hear her and see some shelving rocking back and forth. Yet she still manages to hand up some horseradish sauce. When the other waitress goes out to the dining room, a customer asks where their waitress is. As we here he climax, the girl gives the most obvious line, one you could see from a mile away. Such crappy writing.
Later, one girl would be doing dishes and get distracted by the boyfriend of the other. The water would overflow the sink and go on the floor. The boyfriend takes off his shirt to show off his abs and wipes the floor. In the process, he stands up and presses against her slightly. She whimpers that he is getting her wet. Now we know the innuendo here. But the problem is she doesn’t react to her ass getting wet from the sink. Instead we have one very weak sex joke.
So what is the conclusion of all the dick talk on TV? Leave it to the cable people. They know how to keep it funny and shocking. Can we strike that deal?

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