Friday, October 28, 2011

Two more for the list

As I make my march through the Marzens, it is becoming a bit more difficult to find something to sample. I hope to find the Oktoberfest style at the local bars but too many of them have the same thing which is quite strange. I have a great selection of beers available to me in my neighborhood. Unless I spend a hundred bucks at the liquor store buying every single Marzen in sight then my list won't expand too much. Though I think it is a good sample.

I stumbled across the Silver Creek Oktobefest at a bar last Saturday. They are a little brewery in a Milwaukee suburb, if I am not mistaken. The beer itself looked better than it tasted. It was thin, lacking body. The flavor could have been more pronounced as well. Simply put, I rather have another beer.

The other one was recommended to me from a guy at work. He thought the Beck's Oktoberfest was really good. Having seen this at the store on my last trip- actually having just about bought some- I grabbed a sixer when I was buying beer to pay off a bet. At first glance it looked good. Nice color in the glass. The taste was good, full body and pleasant. But after you swallowed it, it was harsh. Upon having a new bottle, realized it was rather skunky. Damn those green bottles! Hopefully I can come across this on tap before the season is over.

Best of 2011 is still the New Glarus Staghorn.

God damn that is good! Get me another!
Flying Dog Dogtoberfest
Tyranena Gemutlichkeit
Lakefront Oktoberfest
Spaten Oktoberfest

Good to drink if they don't have anything else.
Great Lakes Oktoberfest
Capitol Oktoberfest
Samuel Adams Octoberfest
Ayinger Oktober Fest Marzen
Beck's Oktoberfest

I think I'll have a Miller Lite instead.
Hinterland Oktoberfest
Central Waters Octoberfest
Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier
Silver Creek Oktoberfest

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