Friday, June 15, 2012

Camp time

Ah…camping. Nothing like getting out of the city and roughing it in a tent for a weekend. No, really, there is nothing like it.

Why do we leave the luxuries of the city to go and do without? I was thinking about this. I am leaving a nice house with a comfortable bed, TV with hundreds of channels, internet access, and bars within walking distance to go spend time living in a tent, sleeping in a bag, with temperatures in the 80s and high humidity, listening to a radio, swatting mosquitoes, and the only refreshment is a cooler of beer.

Looks like I could have just skipped to the last part of the sentence for the answer.

It astonishes me how getting away and unplugging if just for a day or two can help recharge the battery. Simplicity can flush the mind of your troubles. Or at least put it in a different light. Toss in some good friends that you can open up to and they’ll help you with your problems. Or at the very least have you see them in a different light.

Friends are good for that.

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