Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Let's move forward

I am glad it is over. Sure I like to talk politics with people but I get to the point where I am sick of it all. The ads, the lies, the debates, the whining, etc.

Now it is over. For now at least.

Dealing with the aftermath is easier when your side wins. I know, some of you are talking to your screen, yelling No Shit Sherlock!

My outlook on elections are the same. I go and place my vote. If my side doesn’t win, I learn how to live under the new environment. Sure there might be a bit of bellyaching but venting is good. So they say.

The Walker recall most likely would have been different. I don’t believe it was a just reason to recall. He didn’t break the law. He didn’t do anything wrong. He passed legislation that some people don’t like. Wiit their panties in a bunch, they were determined to get their pound of flesh. It didn’t matter that said legislation would highly unlikely get reversed. They just wanted revenge. Had Walker not won this election our state would have slid back to where it was. The companies that are looking to hire wouldn't knowing the political and business landscape would still be rockey for the next two years.

Thankfully voters were smart. A campaign of hate doesn’t work. You can do all the name calling you want but it highly unlikely you will win. Walker’s reforms worked. As much as union members would love to claim that Wall Street wrecked the state, it was actually the union leeches doing the damage. That was proved when a huge deficit was turned to a surplus.

Now we’ll hear stories of how things are going to go down the toilet in the state. The same things that were said well over a year ago. That hasn’t happened. Sure some little things have occurred but not on the broad scale as claimed.

I hope some of these union members will wake up. They have been the pawns of the union leaders. They were used, abused, and now refused. Many people have stopped paying their dues, and I suspect many more will now. Those that can handle change probably won’t find much different. For example, teachers will find their classrooms the same. Some may have an extra kid or two some may not. But they’ll find that the rules are pretty much the same. I believe some will even be happier when principals give them a voice in what is going on in the school (any principal who doesn’t take the time to work on meeting with all teachers present would be a fool).

The only public workers who won’t like the changes are the ones who will have to work now. That won’t be able to go home and cut their lawn, shop, perform errands etc. on the taxpayer dime. They will balk at the efficiencies that are put into place. Everyone will benefit when the whiner on a truck complains that they are a 4 man crew now doing a 3 man job.

Wisconsin is no doubt better. Now the politicians should come together and work towards getting more people employed at fair wages that benefit everyone, including the taxpayer.

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