Sunday, August 19, 2012

So awesomely bad

Years ago, there was this nice old couple that would show up at the various festivals around Milwaukee. Whether it was Summerfest, a church festival, or block party, this man and woman would show up and start dancing.

It didn't matter what music was playing. It could be hair metal, pop, country. Anything. This old couple would find a place and start ballroom dancing.

They were fun to watch. The had grace and elegance. The were fluid and added something to the show on stage.

They weren't glory hounds either. The would dance wherever they found some space. By the stage, well behind the crowd, the side. They just enjoyed themselves.

Sadly, age caught up with them. Their dancing days were over.

Tragically, one couple thought they could do the same thing. They were basically everything the charming old couple wasn't. They are not fluid. There is no natural talent. It is pathetically choreographed. They will move things around in front of the stage so they have to be noticed.

Bottom line: They look like they should be in a wrestling ring, not a dance floor. Check it out:

Even funnier, some clown though he should do something similar. It was like Corey Feldman showed up and wanted to do his Michael Jackson impersonation.

The band played Beat It when the finished this song. Dude went back out and did the same lame routine. At least it made a boring party somewhat interesting.

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Keith said...

I've seen them mostly at Summerfest. Always in black, always the same dance moves. It's been years since I've seen them and man, has he put on a few lbs.