Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bar review- the Stone

The Stone is an interesting place. A little nondescript place on Howell Avenue. If you weren't paying attention you may just walk on past the joint.

There is no signage on the walk. Sign on the storefront alert you to the place. If you like beer you better pay attention. They do Happy Hour right.

Happy Hour to the Stone is from 4-9, and two for one tappers. And we ain't taling about simple macro brew. They have a great craft beer lineup. New Glarus, 3 Floyds, Left Coast, Left Hand, Upland, Alaskan, you name it, it may be on tap. Yes, that is damn generous. They put the Happy in Happy Hour.

The ambiance though is minimal. Jukebox on the wall. Several TVs scattered around. No frills can work. Especially when it is two for one on good beer.

The Stone is a good place to hit when on a budget. Best thing to do? Watch . The Stone does a good job of keeping their beer list updated on the site so you can take advantage of the great two for one special.  


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