Monday, March 23, 2015

Do I have a neighbor?

I lost my job back in September. Evil conniving people at work managed to get their way. I have a new position lined up to start in April. I'll be working at a better company without the toxic environment. Things work out.

Over the past couple of months things have changed in the neighborhood. The new neighborhood I should point out. I moved to the far west burbs of Milwaukee and built a house. When our house was completed we were the only structure on the side of the street. Then quickly 4 more houses were begun and the big field to the right was gone. I didn't even get a summer to act like it was mine.

The house next door was completed in August and sold quickly. The new occupants moved in during September. I was gone in Vegas so I didn't see the trucks or anyone hauling boxes. I saw an open garage door that looked like it had the floor being treated.

There was evidence of some life. Some seems to be accurate was to describe it. If it hadn't snowed, I would bet that no one actually lives there. I did meet the guy once when I finished shoveling. Was downright neighborly and introduced myself. Other than that there is little sign of life. Rarely do I see anyone coming or going. The gutter extensions to the downspouts (3 of them) were blown off in a windstorm last fall and ended up in my yard. I tossed them back into their yard with the intent of letting them know they may want to put them back on. But then it snowed and they were buried. Now that the snow has melted the "pipes" are laying around again.

Same with the recycling bin. There has been someone at the house because the garbage and recycling bin were put by the curb 2 weeks ago. But that was after they had come by. They sat out there for a week. Garbage was collected and someone put that bin back but the recycling bin still is out there. At least they won't miss this week's recycling pickup (they pick up the recyclables every other week).

For their sake I hope they at least turned off the water feed to the spouts outside the house. Their hose was never disconnected and hasn't been touched since October. I am curious to see what happens next with that lawn. They did seed last fall but didn't appear to water it as much as it needed. Using a house and walking around won't get the job done. But hey, that is what they did and it isn't up to me to judge how they want to live.

That is if someone is still living there. I guess I know if the recycling cart disappears after this Wednesday.