Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The next generation is not prepared

I came across the article that was linked in a newsletter I receive. I found myself reading it a couple of times. Each time I did I felt sad for the next generation.

I have read numerous articles about how kids are being coddled in college. Free speech is dead because someone may get offended. They may not even be part of the conversation, they can be within earshot and take offense. Next thing you know someone is being brought in to speak to the Dean and being accused of hate speech.

This is creeping in to the workplace as well. At my former job I saw it. I was a victim of it. People hearing things out of context and running to a supervisor to cry.

I do mean cry. I made numerous people cry in my previous role. And no, it was not intentional. Specifically in one case, the person couldn't believe they had screwed up. They had been told all of their career they were special and doing a great job. When they made an error it was too much for them to handle. After a discussion one day, they went to their manager and began crying and had to leave early for the day. I was befuddled. Its not like they were a new hire; they had been in a supervisor role for 3 years.

I saw this a lot among the new hires. Part of my job was to review email. In orientation I stressed to the classes that their email would be read. I told them flat out that I personally, would be reading some of their email and to stay smart about what they wrote. They never listened.

The startling part was the amount of whining I saw. Sure a call center can be a thankless job but those that took the time to work hard and not complain found their way out of the role and on to something more prosperous.

The complainers never made it. They could not take criticism. Instead of learning from their mistakes they would tell their coworkers how it was unfair. They somehow thought the managers were always wrong. (Granted the managers were not always right. Too much politics at this company).

This gets me back to the linked article. I still see it today online where people just cannot have their opinion challenged. They freak out instead of having a challenging debate. I guess that is why I have slowed down the number of comments I post. Oh, I do push buttons now and then (man does need to have a hobby) but for the most part it is fruitless.

Just how I think this next generation may come to realize that they have been led astray from those that were meant to prepare them for the future.


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