Saturday, May 29, 2004

While drinking, I decided to create my own blog

I owe my friend Janet some credit for helping me develop a name for this. We were in Miller Park, sitting in the Beerpen, watching the Milwaukee Brewers, when I told her I was thinking about doing this blog. I had done something similiar in the past and figured the time was right to do it again. But first I need a good name. So on a Friday night, while drinking a couple beers watching some baseball, we through our some ideas and made a wise choice. One always has the best ideas after they put a couple down. You know what I am talking about. After having a couple of drinks, you can solve the problems of the world. You think of new TV shows that would be smash hits. You know every managerial move every sports team should make to win a championship. You know exactly what your buddy should have said to the the cute girl at the end of the bar. You would have taken her home, unlike your friend who you are now tellng the finer points of picking up women (though you haven't scored in a long time yourself). But while drinking, you know how.
So the journey begins. The madman can now begin to rant!

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