Monday, June 07, 2004

72 slices of cheese later...

I survived. I have some bug bites on my arms and legs, along with some sunburn, but I survived. I am surprised by how smooth everything went. Or was I drinking too much to notice?
While drinking, I...
-discovered that Mike's Hard Lime is a suitable substitution for orange juice in the morning.
-the washers game may be the most addictive game known to man.
-that my balls were indeed an answer to a trivia question.
-though we had a lot of rain, that doesn't do anything to make the ground soft.
-drinking all day in the sun while camping, is not the same as drinking all day inside in Vegas.
-fire is fun. Punks are even better.

But maybe the best part was not waking up and seeing an empty condom rapper and having to run to the bathroom Hell, I may even do this again.

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