Friday, June 04, 2004

Lost tales of Greek mythology

While drinking, and playing volleyball, I learned of a mythological beast named Boobicus. Many of you are probably not familiar with this slayer of men. Much like the Sirens, men were instantly attracted to her. One look and their jaws would drop and they would kill each other as they would try and capture her. Jason and the Argonauts had a brief encounter with Boobicus. In their search for the Golden Fleece, before heading south, they were in the Mammarian Mountains were they encountered a Boobicus. If it wasn't for Jason's quick thinking, they may have not gone of their legendary journey that we are familiar with. Jason used his past experience in dealing with jugs (of wine) to save his men. When he encountered the beast, he quickly got out the jugs of wine and got his men drunk. He knew that in the early stages of drinking that they may fall for the Boobicus and fight. But after enough drink, they would tire, and apologize to each other vowing to never let a nice set of Boobicusi come between them. And now you know the (b)rest of the story.

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