Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Biorhythms? How about bio-joke?

The other day I was reading a poker article that talked about how some people will only play poker when their biorhythms are favorable. Once they started charting their poker play with their biorhythms, they noticed that they played better and were more profitable on days that they were intellectually "high". And when the physical and emotion parts were high as well, they played great.
So, being this is the internet age, I had to check it out. I wish I hadn't. Apparently I am a wreck! According to my biorhythm, I was barely able to get out of bed, let alone put on my drawers or take a shower. And I have been like this the last week (no wonder I got a headache on Saturday night. It was drinking, it was my biorhythm).
Physically, I am tired and drained and should exert myself (I guess riding a bike last night for 53 minutes in the humid air was a miracle of Gatorade!)
Emotionally, I am unsettled and restless and should plan any "affairs of the heart". Hmmm...single guy...of course I am unsettled and restless. I need to get some!!! That is why I am unsettled and restless DUH! Maybe it is hinting I can get some at Rick Springfield concert with the affair of the heart reference?
Intellectually, I am in a critical mood and shouldn't take any exams cuz my mind is foggy. I think my mind is foggy because of not getting any but hey, what do I know?

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