Thursday, June 10, 2004


The Milwaukee Brewers exploded for 12 runs last night as the beat the Angels. Yes, the Brewers scored 12 runs. Hopefully, the bats have come back to life. They have had some good to great pitching over the last 2 weeks, but couldn't get any runs across. And yet they manage to be 2 games above the Kringle line. Today, they can sweep the Angels and come home to a series against the Astros this weekend.
So, it there anything wrong with being greedy at this point? Are fans asking too much or getting excited about a mediocre team? I say not. What is wrong with optimism? The Milwaukee Brewers are not as bad as many make them out to be. They are not that great either, but are a working man's team. They do not give up (see the Tuesday night victory of 1-0 in 17 innings). They play hard for 27 outs. That is what the fans of the Brewers should be exicted about. They can beat any team on any given night. They just can't win every series. The pitching has done the job when the bats have been silent, now let's see if they can offense and defense can mesh together. Get on a streak and suddenly the summer will be exciting. I will be at Miller Park to watch them and you should too.

Biorhythm update: According to the rhythm today, I can tie my shoes, but shouldn't necessarily operate any heavy equipment. My mind is mush, but getting betterer.

And it is only 2 weeks until Summerfest!

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