Monday, June 28, 2004

Brewers win series against the Twinkies- again!

Brewers did it again. Won a series against a very good ball team. This time on the road. They dropped the first game, but took the last two convincingly in Minneapolis this weekend. Watched the second half yesterday. The Brew Crew scored 4 runs without hitting the ball out of the infield. Infield single- good hustle by Counsell. Nice sac by Moeller who bounced one off the front of the plate that the catcher couldn't get to. Po had a nice sac (they could have gotten Counsell at third. Seems no one wants to go for the lead runner as much nowadays). Junior couldn't get the job done with a K after swinging at an ugly pitch. Couple of years ago, this meant yet another wasted opportunity to score runs. Last year the tide changed and this year if continues to come in. Jenks walks to load the bases. Ooooooooooooooverbay walks to bring in a run. Clark has an infield single where they can't make a play. Ginter takes a walk. Hall watches the ball catch dirt for a walk. 4 runs by being patient and waiting for their pitch. End result is back to 4 games above the kringle line.
Somehow it seems like feast or famine with runners in scoring position. And they have a good chance to really fill their bellies. They play the Rockies and Pirates on the road this week. Two of the worst teams in the league. They should have a chance to make a move towards the top. But just like other ghosts of the past, the Brewers need to beat the teams they should beat with more continuity. They dropped 2 of 3 to the Rockies at home. They don't play well in Pittsburgh either. They should win both of these series and get everyone excited for the first games against those low life Cubs. Things are changing and hopefully it will be different this time around.

Took the day off from Summerfest and relaxed, slept and played poker online. Slowly building the bankroll up again after a nasty losing streak. Still am amazed at how some people play. Most of the time it is extremely profitable. They will keep putting money in the pot though they don't have a good hand. They won't bet when they do. 90% of the time, you will win. It is the other 10 that is extremely annoying. Part of it is trying to understand what they are doing. Of course that only happens when you are holding say a pair of Kings, raise it before the flop and lose to a flush when they hit runner runner (last two cards to make their hand) and hit the flush with a Jack and a deuce that are suited. Simply put, that is really stupid card playing. It does not win on a regular basis. When it does, it pisses you off. All you can do is enjoy the other 90%.

Summerfest will continue this week. On deck are Cheap Trick, Tesla, probably Rick Springfield, maybe Drowning Pool and possibly Jet.

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