Sunday, June 27, 2004

One long day

When you are making bloody marys at 10 in the morning, you know you are in for one long day and you just may get drunk (yeah, right, may. You will get drunk). But when you can listen to some music and have some fun with friends, it is well worth it. Bloody marys were being served at Corey's on Saturday just before heading down to Summerfest to catch Johnny 3 Note, his bro's band. Hadn't seen them before so I was up to see what they sounded like. Not bad. Pretty good set list. Could have done without the Bust a move rap bit but overall were good. I could see them rocking a bigger crowd. When a beach ball is trying to be knocked around in a small crowd, it just doesn't work. I would recommend people catch them. They were a good time.
Then Bobby Friss pops in. Played 2 1/2 hours straight and rocked the Miller Oasis. Guy comes in from Florida to play at Summerfest every year because the crowds love him. Good straight ahead rock and roll. After 5 hours of music and beer, I was pretty wrecked. So it wasn't a bad thing to leave the Fest grounds early to go eat some steak.
Sunday is a day off to watch the Brewers and play some poker.

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