Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I Want You, to Want...Me

There are some shows you see again and again, year in and out at Summerfest. Cheap Trick seems to be one of them for me. I am not a diehard fan of this band. I like them and hell, they always put on a good show. You know they will play Surrender and I Want You to Want Me and The Flame. But it is what they play around those songs that make this show interesting. When they cranked into If You Want My Love on the second song, that was cool. When they hit Tonight it's You, that was even better. But maybe best is how they put in a song off their later albums (late 80s, early 90s) that are what you might call a "deep track". Each show they seem to squeek one of these tunes into the set and this year it was Never Had a Lot to Lose. Excellent. Crowd was quite big. I am not sure if that had much to do with playing a smaller stage (Sprecher) or if they actually had a lot of people. I am settling with a combo of both. This made watching the show somewhat difficult. We had gotten up front and once everyone stood to watch the show, we couldn't see. So we moved through the crowd and ended up watching from outside the stage area, where we had a good view. We just had people walking in front of us all the time. This made it interesting. When they cranked into Surrender, you see these people walking by, especially younger teens, shriek, start to bounce up and down, and then push their way into the stage area. Quite amusing. Slightly same thing when they played the theme from That 70s Show. People knew it but didn't realize it was Cheap Trick. Once again, a good show.

I think what may have been the best part of the night (and maybe the worst because I caught only about 15 minutes of it) was seeing Couch Flambeau. This may ring a bell from years ago. My friend Mark loved these guys. A local punk like band that wrote outrageous songs such as The Zoo is Cool, Curtains for You, and We'll go through the Windshield Together. I even saw them play Summerfest back in the 80s. Yesterday, we are just walking north along the lake when we come up to this small band blasting away on guitars, and banging the drums. I recognized the song as The Zoo is Cool. Listened to them finish their set and realized it was indeed Couch Flambeau. Cool.

Earlier while walking around, I passed by the Red Cross First Aid Center. There is a sign announcing "Build your Family Disaster Starter Kit". Sounds like the kit consists of a broker rubber.

A flute solo. WTF? Saw Jukebox Heroes play for a bit. Only a bit because whenever you see someone pull out a flute, you know they are going to play Jethro Tull. I hate them. So, when this assclown pulled out the flute, I realized it was time to pull out my flute and headed to the mens room. Upon coming back, then had finished playing the Tull crap. But now this guy does a flute solo. Again, WTF? Some guy in the crowd is whistling shouting WHOO! WTF?!! Who goes nuts over a flute solo? When he finished, I was relieved. But he didn't put the flute away, I knew there was more Tull shit coming our way. Time to go. Hell, if we didn't go, then we wouldn't have seen the Couch.

I wonder how much beer was sold during the Jessica Simpson concert?

What is it about chicks that wear Harley jackets? They always walk around like they are the coolest thing on the grounds.

Brewers win to go 5 games above the kringle line again. First time they have won in Colorado since 2001. That sounds brutal. But it was only 9 games. Still sounds brutal. So far this year, they have not won more than 3 games in a row. No wonder they can't sweep a team. Time to change that streak as well.

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