Thursday, July 01, 2004

Gettin' better every day

What would Nikola Tesla say? A group of guys that adopted his name for a rock band hit Milwaukee last night for a performance on the Summerfest Rock Stage. First time seeing them though they come to town every year it seems. The Rock Stage was full, but not quite packed. Tesla started promptly at 10 and kept going for an hour 25 minutes. Played everything you cared to hear (except Paradise). Guys looked like they were having fun, sounded good and the crowd loved them. I didn't understand why one of the guitarists kept putting stupid hats on. Nor why for an encore they started by playing Eruption. Hey, you have been playing guitar for over 20 years on stage, get creative! The drum solo in the encore was longer than it needed to be. But it was a great show. Got my fix.

Before Tesla was a local (?) act call Binky Tunny and the Farmland Chokehold. Don't ask cuz I don't know what the hell that means. Some chick fronting a rock band. They weren't bad, just strange. They start playing and some girls is prancing on stage twirling batons. Yes, twirling batons while the band is playing. The stage became her parade. Next song, more twirling. Go get a rifle and twirl that. Go get the flaming baton and twirl that. WTF? The lead singer, Binky, is throwing shirts, CDs, a pair of pants, balls and candy out at various times. Strange.

The Milwaukee Brewers have gone 6 games above the kringle line! Now we have to put up with stupid stats like this one on a daily basis. The paper says the team hasn't been 6 games above .500 since 1998. So with any victory we are going to find out historical information? 4 game streak is the highest this season. Dreaded sweep opportunity. Be nice to see them bring out the brooms. Then we will see a comment in the paper saying it is the first sweep since 2000 of the Rockies or something stupid.

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