Saturday, July 24, 2004

Back behind a keyboard

While drinking, I can play a lot of poker.  As might have been witnessed by some drunken phone calls.  I have yet to listen to them, but have the feeling that I may have to delete them.  Oh who am I kidding, if y'all enjoyed them, they will stay.  As you can probably tell, I had a fantastic time.  Ballys is nice.  The room was a good sized one.  Had a nice view of the parking lot and the Hard Rock in the distance.  Played enough poker to just cement it into my system.  Did well at the craps tables at Luxor, Slots a Fun and Casino Royale.  Tried a new game, Crazy 4 Poker.  Liked it, but it seemed tricky at first.  I need some sleep.  Slept only 10 hours in the 4 days there.  Over the next couple of days, different memories of Vegas will be put up here.  Such as...
Upon arriving in the airport in Las Vegas, we were walking along side the moving walkway.  They have various voices coming over their intercom asking people to keep moving or use the right when arriving or the left if departing.  Don Rickles, Mel Torme and other made these announcements.  My favorite though had to be Fat Albert.  Yes, Fat Albert.  Hey hey hey, keep moving on the walkway.  Seemed really silly and out of place.  Too funny.
One of the more disappointing things that happened was missing out on a winning of $250.  Was playing Fortune Pai Gow at Ballys.  I usually don't play the fortune bonuses because they are really a sucker bet.  For as much money on you put on them, you will usually come out behind.  Unless you hit something right away, you can expect to lose close to another40 bucks an hour.  Well, I did hit a straight flush.  My $5 bet would have paid 50 to 1.  Ah, such is life.
Saw Big Elvis at the Barbary Coast again.  Man is he huge.  He seems to do a 40 minutes set with a 40 minute break.  Don't know how he gets tired.  He waddles out in front of the stage and sits on it.  He never makes it onto the stage.  And I have yet to figure out why they have pictures of Kramer on stage. 
Couldn't make money playing blackjack to save my life.  Started out real well, but a string of 14 and bust took me out.  Made some money on slots, mainly because I got bored and wanted to play those bonus games on the nickel machines. 
The Westward Ho is still a dump.  But for one dollar, those Heinekens do hit the spot.  Better than paying $6.50 at the Bellagio.  Or is it. 
And finally, I learn to shuffle chips.  After trying again and again, it finally clicked and I can do it very well with just a little warming up.  Like riding a bike.  Funny thing about it, once you start, you don't stop.  A lady told me that a year ago.  She said once you learn to do it, you just keep doing it.  Like a drug.  I did notice that the tip of my fingers were turning blue from doing it so much.  Some how the ink was  coming off the chips.  Strange.

Back at home, I noticed the Brewers had dropped back to 500 in my absence.  I would stop by the sports books to see score and saw they couldn't get the bats going.  Watched the victory last night though.  Good to see them bounce back. 

Man, work on Monday is going to suck.  Oh well, back to the real world I guess.

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