Monday, July 26, 2004

The back to work blues

Man does it stink going back to work after a nice vacation.  The alarm seems to go off way too early.  Traffic seems to be a little heavy.  No one seems to go above the speed limit.  This sucks.  But, hey, how else am I going to get the cash to go back to Vegas?

I think I always have the same thought as I walk into work for the day.  It is about 6:45, making it 4:45 Vegas time.  Hmm...this is about the time I would be walking back to my hotel room to get a couple of hours of sleep.  Instead I am going to work.  What a difference a couple of days make.

I had only 341 emails waiting for me.  That does not include the 98 in the spam filter.  It may take me a half hour to sort through the good and bad.  I have a stack of Wall St Journals on my desk.  I am kinda suprised someone didn't take them from me during the week.  At least it appears that someone did my work while I was gone.  Back in Feb when I was out, I came back to a pile of papers.  Also had to walk around the department to see if anyone left while I was gone.  Doesn't look like it so far. 

The other thing that stinks about returning to work is having to answer the same questions over and over and tell the stories.  I am going to start a pool.  Winner gets a beer.  How many times will I be asked "How did you do?".

One other thing that I forgot to mention about this trip.  On Wednesday morning, we were walking through Aladdin.  Went into the Desert Passage where some guy asked us if we would do a survey.  I took a drink from my beer, and said sure.  Long story short, they were doing a screening of the Friends spinoff, Joey, and wanted some opinions.  So we took about 45 minutes to watch the show and answer some questions.  They gave us 20 bones as well.  The show was pretty funny, better than I expected.  But not as good as Big Elvis!

I guess I should get started on those emails. 

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