Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Call an exterminator

After a dreadful weekend, the Brewers bounced back behind some great pitching to beat the Cubs. Sheets was dominating. Game really wasn't that close. If Grieve doesn't misplay two balls, the Cubs don't get someone past second base. When they did, Sheets shut down the side with some timely strikeouts. Best part may have been watching the fans stream out of the stadium in the 8th inning. With Kolb coming in to finish the game, the Cubs fans knew they were done. Beautiful! But the news media had to make the big story about the Cubs fans. Wrigley Field north my ass! Milwaukee media doesn't need to make this a big deal, but it does. Yes, the crowd of 45,000 was largely Cubs fans. So what? Let them bring their cash here and spend it. But now is the time for the Brewers fans to step up. There are many, if any, tickets left for this series. And there may not be many tickets left for the Cubs series at the end of the month. But there is next year. Brewers fans need to step up and buy these tickets so these bugs cannot infiltrate our stadium.

I spent some time on Sunday scraping paint off my garage. It is in dire need of a paint job. I looked at the beast and thought, hey, twenty minutes a side, I will be done in an hour or so. Yeah, right! After an hour and a half, I got one side done. Don't know why I bothered. On Monday, I started a second side and thought it was useless. The garage is old. Some of the wood is beginning to rot out. I am much better off putting some siding on it. I spoke with my neighbor yesterday and he thought I was better off siding it as well. Then again, he is probably thinking it help the value of his property to not have this old, weather beaten garage next to his house. So, does anyone know anyone who can do a small siding job and not rip me off? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Steve - try Jimmy N from the bar. He did our garage at our old house. It took him a couple of Saturdays and did a great job. Jodi