Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The race is on!

While drinking, I like to watch the Amazing Race. The new season started tonight. I noticed one thing about the teams they have on this time around. They have the "moms" team, the husband and wife, the old people, the brothers, the twins, the father/daughter, the couples and the "are trying to be couples". What they don't have is the young guys team. There is not one team that is two young men. That team always did extremely well. No gay people either. I think my favorite team right away may be the twins. They were bitching at each other right away. Them or the midget. The midget thinks she can compete. No way! They got buried in the beginning because she couldn't run. That will be their downfall. They may make it past one or two checkpoints, but I put the over under at 3.

They have tweaked the rules a bit. There is some penalty for coming in last at checkpoints that are not elimination points. They also played a good strategy move on the teams right away. They had to go to Uruguay. Two flights. However, the first flight to leave arrived later than the second flight. Of course, those who got to the airport first took the first flight. A couple smart teams checked when they got there what flight might be best. And some idiots just lucked into the second flight because they are slow- see the midget.

In Uruguay they had to go to a place on the beach called the Hand. It is hand buried with only the fingers showing up. As in the fingers are the last thing you see when someone drowns. How cheery!

I think the old couple will tick me off. They seem cranky. One of the couples are models from Texas who are devout Christians. One has already said they will win if God wants them to. So when they don't win, will they doubt the Lord? The team with the midget is crying because no one has helped them yet. Boo Hoo!

During this segment, they had to carry a side of beef for a half mile. Of course, Team Midget had problems. The midget's partner thinks she is going to get mad cow disease. How stupid is she? Strange thing is only one team threw it up on their shoulder to carry it. They looked like they were carrying a kid. I wish the dog that followed one team would have made a move on the meat. That would have been cool to see a dog jump on then and gnaw at the beef.

Later they get to do an 18 story zip line drop. Awesome. I would have loved to do that. Meanwhile, the twins screwed up by missing the clue. Of course they don't know it. Of course, another team does the same thing. But the twins catch themselves after they are in a cab en route to the pit stop. The married couple who missed the marker gets sent back just before the twins go.

In the end, Team Midget survived. The twins squeaked by coming in 9th. They seemed a little snobbish at the end though. The guy who biffed at the very beginning of the race made it beating out the stupid couple who blamed it on him being too nice. Idiots.

A new thing this year is a yield sign. They can force a team to yield for a couple of minutes. Different. Will have to see how it plays out.

First episode was ok. I would say there are no clear favorites on this group at this time. I like the twins or the married couple but they made too many errors. If they got that part of the game behind them, they will get better and be there in the end.

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