Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Casino

By this time next week, I will be at the airport getting on a plane to go to Vegas. Of course, that means I am doing some practising this week, reviewing Basic Strategy, low limit poker strategies, refreshing my memory of proper craps odds, etc. Any time something is on TV that involves Vegas or gambling I am pretty much glued to it. Whether it be the World Poker Tour, American Casino, The Casino or any of those Vegas shows on The Travel Channel, there is a good chance I have seen it.
As most of you know, the Casino is one of the new "reality" shows on Fox featuring the owners and staff at the Golden Nugget. They claim it is unscripted, but I think that is hooey. There are too many things that get caught on camera. I think the majority of it is planned, with them taping reactions. The show is ok- not as good as American Casiono- and has its moments. Like last night. Who did not like the Trashy Lingerie Girls? A attractive group of girls who apparently when not working do not believe in bras. SCHWING! I liked how the assistant tricked one girl into thinking the owner (who she was attracted to) was going to a show at the Venetian and he could set up their date. Of course, he set it up for himself. They get back to the Nugget for some dinner and he has to set up a plane ride for the other boss and ends up stiffing her on the check. She walks out and goes upstairs to be with her other Trashy friends. Somehow he finds her, though she is not in her room. Yeah, this is unscripted. But it did show more girls bouncing around. Yeah baby!
But if anything I have to give these guys at the Nugget credit. I bet they have increased traffic into their casino and are getting lots of attention. Nothing wrong with that.

Got a summons from a Milwaukee court the other day. I have been called for jury duty in August. Unlike others, I look forward to doing this. It sounds interesting, something different. I may now pay attention to the news to see what case I may get. Of course, I won't get anything interesting. I hope to get someone suing on some trumped up charges. Those tort lawyers piss me off, so maybe I can get them back in my own little way.

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