Monday, July 12, 2004

Drinking for Jesus tour gets back on the road

Well, sort of. Right around the end of June, the DfJ tour goes on hiatus for that grand party called Summerfest. At some point though, the tour feels that thirst and realizes it must get back on the road and complete its job. That is what happened this weekend. Well, sort of. As the tour manager did some lawncare, he received a call from a remote member of the booking committee (you like that title James?). The committee member was inquiring about making a stop at Greekfest, organized by the Greek Orthodox Enunciation Church. As I sweated away, pushing the mower, I couldn't help but think a cold beer would be a nice reward for doing this job. I agreed that it was time to get the tour back on the road and what better than a little gig to get back into things.
I met James at the ground at 12:30. I had gotten there about noon and had checked out the "stage". I could tell right away this would be a very short gig. First, of course there is little action around noon at any church festival. Second, this was a Bud sponsored festival. Ugh! So much for having a nice cold beer for a reward. To help make up for it, they go have some of the best food. Who doesn't like a nice gyro for lunch? So James, Ziggy (friend of James, not a groupie), & I walked and ate. James talked me into having a Michelob. That would suffice. It was bearable. I had to mention to James a conversation that was had the prior night at the Brewers game (soldout crowd on a Sat. night. Don't know if it was for Sheets or the Gorman Thomas bobbblehead). Jay, the aforementioned wuss who didn't have the nuts to tell someone to take their hat off during the national anthem, had mentioned how he played ball with these guys from Waukesha earlier on Sat. They were drinking yellow tap water. They insisted this is how the water is in Waukesha and there is nothing wrong with it. Of course, James (another Wauk guy), debunked this. I am flabbergasted that anyone can be that stupid to drink yellow pee water and think it is normal. Do you see Aqua Fina advertising shiny yellow water? NO!
Next, I through out the question of what other faiths have festivals. I looked at the Baptist church across the street and wondered if they do anything like this. Is it only Catholic churches that have these events? I knew of one Lutheran church that does, but do Presbyterian? Methodists? Seventh Day Adventists? I bet the Jehovah Witnesses could throw a hell of a party. Maybe not as good a time as the Mormons, but close! So we naturally asked why no black congregations do this (or anyone that we may have heard of). The food would be good and one could hear some nice funk in the malt liquor tent.

Brewers end the first half of the season on a down note. They had nice crowds for a 7 game series. It would be a great summer if they can continue it. Just continue to play competitive baseball and they can stay above the kringle line.

Look for a new feature next week as there could be reports coming from Vegas.

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