Saturday, July 03, 2004

Hey Patty, play a song for me...

Summerfest was quite boring last night. There was no one in particular to go see. It was the hang out day. While drinking at Summerfest, and there aren't any great bands, one must go see Pat McCurdy, a Summerfest standard. He will entertain the masses when no one else can. Needless to say, it was a short night.

Earlier in the day, I went to Kohls to return some pants. While I waited, an old lady apparently was returning a bra. Yes, people returning underwear. Yuck. The real bad part here, is that this lady felt the need to explain to the Kohls employee why she was returning the bra. Wasn't ask, she just had to say how it did not fit her well. It was all cotton but the feel was just not right. It is so hard for an older lady to find a nice bra. Blah, blah, blah (or in this case is it bra, bra, bra?). As I am getting grossed out listening to her, I then think of the next person who will buy this pre-worn bra. Disgusting.
On the way home, I also thought of the best reason to not be working 2nd or 3rd shift. There are too many old people on the road during the day that don't know how to drive. I saw them pull out in an intersection, block the road, and of course, just drive slow. Maddening!

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