Friday, July 02, 2004

The Brewers do own a broom!

41-34. 7 games above the kringle line. And finally, a sweep! Tasty. Heard the excitement in the bar last night. Funny how everyone is fan when the Brewers are winning. Funnier how people are talking about how the team should acquire a power hitter or another pitcher to make a playoff run. We haven't hit the All Star game yet and people are wanting to talk playoffs. I just want the Brewers to keep playing hard. That is why they are winning. They have some chemistry. They are learning how to win. Let's keep it going in Pitt this weekend and then let's have some fun kicking some Cub ass!

Of course, the paper has to mention the last time the Brewers were 7 games above the kringle line (1998). SOBs are going to drive me crazy. Now, the talk will be how over the next month, the play only NL Central teams. This is the gut check. Yet, if they continue to win series over the next month, the Brewers could suddenly find themselves on top of the division. Likely, probably not, but definately possible. They are playing some good ball so it can happen. But they cannot give up 6 run leads like they did yesterday. Time to enjoy this team as they are fun. Unfortunately, not many tickets are available for Brewers fans next week against Chicago. Maybe fans here will learn from this.

One area must be added to the preferred list of places to get your beer at Summerfest. The tent at the back end of the Rock Stage serves a nice beer. Plus they have the choice between Lite, MGD and Leinies Honey Weiss.

Kudos to Bill Cosby for taking a stand again. Everyone, no matter what your skin color is, can learn from him. Stop blaming others. Take responsibility for your own actions. Being a success starts by self improvement and dedication.

What should I do this weekend? You can determine what goes on by voting. Leave a comment on what I should do on Saturday. Summerfest? ETBT? Watch the Brewers at PJs? Drinking for Jesus?

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J. Gambino said...

I think you should watch the Brewer Game at PJ's. Since I can't be there, you should go. It says scattered showers Saturday so that could rule out Summerfest or the Drinking for Jesus tour. What is ETBT? Am I missing something?