Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I'm a leavin on a jet plane

Nothing like doing something different for work.  Instead of going north on the Lake Parkway, I headed south to the airport.  Flight to Minny was at 7:25.  They boarded the plane at 7:15, though the ticket said 6:55.  Everyone was on and we were moving on time.  That was amazing.  Yes, it is a small plane but I had never experienced a boarding that was that quick.  Takes only an hour in the air, but they still gave out a muffin and drinks.  One thing that I find amusing is what happens when a plane lands and finally stops at the gate.  As soon as the seat belt button beeps off, BAM! a crapload of people snap off those belts and jump out of their seat to get the luggage from the overhead compartment.  Then they stand there, most hunched over in their seats, waiting to get out.  The door to the plane isn't even open, but people need to stand waiting.  What is the rush?  Especially for those in the back of the plane.  HINT:  You cannot go anywhere until everyone in front of you moves.  Now I sit there, acting like I am oblivious to what is going on.  But when my aisle is deplaning, I calmly get up, and cut off the person who is behind me because, hey buddy, it is not your turn yet!  I don't care if you stood there like an imbecile for 5 minutes.  You are the stupid one, not me.
So we arrive in Minny, people jump up, I cut the guy off behind me and walk into the terminal.  Baggage claim (though I have my bag with me, I still need to get my rental car) is to the left.  Ok, let's go.  And go.  And go.  I walk for what seems a half mile, down an escalator, along the moving walkways, and back up the escalator.  Baggage claim just ahead.  No, not quite.  Have to board a tram.  Get on tram and take it to the end of the line.  Hard U Turn to the BC.  Hey, I found it.  Let's see, ground transportation and rental cars are straight ahead.  Walk through the BC area.  Past the dozen claim center with bags going in circles like a merry-go-round.  Rental cars are just ahead.  Come up to a hub.  Rental cars are on the other side.  Oops, again, not quite.  There is another tram.  WTF?  I glance at my watch and it has been at least 20 minutes since I got off the plane.  Get on the tram.  Go to the end on this one.  Rental cars are up the escalator.  Wait, make it the stairs at this one is not moving.  Ok, cars are actually on the next level.  Up I go.  Hmm...National is on the third level.  Up one more.  I have gone up and down more times in this airport that the a cheap hooker has!  Finally, I get my car.  Go out and the guy tells me I can pick any of these 3 Aleros.  I look at them, 2 white and 1 beige.  Wait, one of them has FIB license plates.  Can't drive that one and give a false impression that I am a total idiot.  Get in the car, adjust the mirrors and of course, the radio.  Radio is telling me what is playing.  Interesting.  Some stations were showing me the name of the song and the artist.  Not bad.
So, I am on the road, hoping my Mapquest directions are accurate.  Is it me or does anyone find that they are wrong sometimes?  One time in Indianapolis (why do I go to these "apolis" cities for work?) they sent me the wrong way.  This time, they must be good.  They were, but it would be nice to know of the construction ahead.  I end up in a traffic jam for 25 minutes waiting to get through.  Finally, I get free road.  Zoom, zoom, zoom.  I am off like a dress on prom night and boogieing down the road.  Found my exit, right turn, another mile, right turn and play guess the address.  There isn't too much out here and I know the office is in a bank building.  Hmm....there is Lake Elmo Bank (I didn't know that furry guy on Sesame Street had a lake named after him).  That might be it.  No address on the builiding.  Pull up to the front.  No, no mention of any other firms having offices here.  No other possible buildings it could be.  Make a phone call to find out I am where I need to be.  Cool.  Strange but cool.

So I did the majority of my work in the first hour.  I may have 1 more hour tops.  And I am here for 2 days.  I will visit the downtown Minneapolis office tomorrow.  That won't take long.  I will probably spend more time getting to my flight's gate at the hellacious airport than I will working.  Oh well, I will head off to a casino tonight and play some Hold Em. 

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