Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?


Ugh! The Brewers lost to the Schlubs last night.  The bats are still silent.  I am beginning to hear everyone jump of the bandwagon.  Sad.  We still have a team that could jump start themselves and entertain us for the rest of the summer.  Now is not the time to give up.  Every team has a slump and this isn't that bad.  It can be saved.  The Brewers will have a good second half, it just may take a bit to get going.   But in true form for most "fans", if they are not winning, they aren't going to see them.  I wonder how many tickets have been sold for games already.

I get to go to Minneapolis tomorrow for work.  Could be interesting.  Get to audit 2 offices (cue the Darth Vader music).  I have no clue where these offices are.  I know one is downtown, the other in a suburb.  I also have just a couple of sheets to follow on what to do.  Is this a cluster or what?  Oh yeah, the reason I am doing this is because my boss doesn't want to.  Chump!

Heard on the radio today that the Homeless World Cup is going on somewhere in Europe.  They have teams from around the world playing soccer.  Homeless people playing soccer.  WTF?  Am I missing something here?  They spend a bunch of money to fly HOMELESS PEOPLE to Europe to play soccer.  Can't they find a better way to waste money?   Like say a convention in Boston?

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