Thursday, July 15, 2004

Nothing much to talk about today....or so I thought

I played around and have added the "voice blog" to this mess. While driking, and gambling, I may do some voice blogs that I will probably regret later (isn't that what really happens when drunk people make phone calls?). The test run is below.

Saw a Jeep Cherokee on the freeway that had the "Jimmy legs". He must have blown out his alignment or suspension because both front tires were wobbling around like noodles. Didn't matter to the driver as he kept going 55.

How does Phil Garner get another job managing a baseball team? I believe I heard on the radio that his career record is something like 116 games below .500. I would be pissed if I was an Astros fan. Because I am a Brewers fan, I am delighted.

The Indianapolis Colts sent Jamal Reynolds back to the Packers after he couldn't pass a physical. Another one of those great draft picks from the "Master Of the Draft" Ron Wolf. At some point, Packer fans will realize that Wolf wasn't as good as you made him out to be. He pulled off one helluva trade, but that is really it. So what if late round picks have shined. What is the point when your 1st & 2nd round picks are duds? That is where you money goes. Farts in the wind. That was the best line that Wolf ever used to describe the Packers. Should be used to sum up his stint in GB.

And now a comment on the stupid. A month or two back, two little girls drowned in the Milwaukee River. A tragedy? Yes. Tragic in the sense that the parents weren't around supervising them! And now, of course, they are suing the city for $100k saying there weren't enough preventive measures around to keep the girls away from the river. How about parenting as a preventive measure? I knew this was coming. No one wants to take responsibility. Hey, accidents happen. No one needs to pay for everything. This is such BS.

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