Friday, July 16, 2004

The longest day

The day before going on vacation is always the longest day in the world.  I am at work for a half hour and already I am thinking of 3:30.  That is bad.  Maybe it doesn't help that on the way to work, as I pulled into my parking spot, there happened to be a song called I Want to Go Home Now playing.  Talk about planting a theme in your head.
The other day, two kids climbed over a fence and went swimming in a public pool at something like 3 in the morning.  One kid drowned.  Why do I know it is only a matter of time before the parent sues the city?  I guess putting a fence around the pool is not enough.  It also makes me wonder how this will affect the case of the lady whose two girls drowned in the river.  It should hurt her case.  If a fence won't stop these kids, and the parents of course won't, what will?  Maybe they need to put razor wire on the fence around pools.  That should stop them, but you know someone would try to get in again, and sue the city saying that they shouldn't have something that dangerous on the fence.  And some people want John Edwards as Vice President?  Sheesh!
So if things get slow at work today, which they probably shouldn't seeing how my boss dumped some work on my desk yesterday that he should have done 2 months ago, I may go play some games online.  Was brushing up on my blackjack the other day.  I am comfortable with my poker skills.  I may play some 3 card poker on this trip as the strategy isn't really that tough (the odds say you play anything Q-7-4 or higher.  I played this online and it worked well).  I do need to get my craps skills up.  I didn't play any craps on my last trip.  Don't know why as I enjoy the game.  I may try one of the newer games such as Crazy Four Poker if I see it.  My main goal though is to play some poker at the Bellagio.  That is the place to play some of the better players.  I wish they had bonus payouts, like Monte Carlo does, but I need to give this place a shot to see if I like it. 
Great, I have only killed 8 minutes writing this.  Too much time left in this day.

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