Monday, July 19, 2004

Playing poker with a pro

So, I have been playing some poker this morning.  What a shock huh?  Been playing at Full Tilt Poker.  It is one of the newer sites, that is backed by a number of pro players that you see on TV.  Today, I played with Andy Bloch.  Nice guy.  He was talking with others.  I was just to his left so I was able to see how he played his hands.  Made some good moves on me, but overall, when I was in the hands with him, I held my own, causing him to fold most times.  I had the cards, but what do I expect.  He probably made one very good move on me.  I was in the big blind with KQ, hearts.  It folded around and he raised in the small blind.  I called (probably should have raised).  Flop came 3,5,6, no hearts.  He bet the pot and I folded.  My gut told me I had him, but I couldn't call that bet.  Earlier against a different player I dropped $45 on a straight.  I had A, 5, made the straight on the turn, 7 high.  Other player was playing 8,5.  Ouch!  He was in the big blind and checked it preflop.  That hurt.   I did make it back when I flopped trip Aces and got one guy to add another 15, but he didn't call me river bet, thus I ended the session with a $9 loss.

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