Monday, July 19, 2004


Ah yes.  Nothing like sleeping in to start one's vacation.  I don't go to Vegas until tomorrow so Monday is spent doing a bit of cleaning, packing and organizing.  Yes, some poker will be played throughout the day as well as other gaming strategies.  One thing I am going to play with is a new craps strategy.  Get this.  Mensa, you those brainiacs, put out a book on gambling (see, I prefer the hip term "gaming").  I saw an excerpt on there craps strategy.  It is very simple.  Place the 5,6,8 and field.  5, 6,6,5.  $22 bones total to bring the house odds down to 1.3%.  Got that Dianne?  I will give it a whirl on the pc and maybe try in down in Sin City and see what happens.  
The Brewers split with the Schlubs in Chicago.  I will take that.  Tough stretch ahead, on the road, against some teams that give them problems.  Cincy to start.  Then St. Louis.  Houston finishes the stretch.  With Garner down there, they could have a good weekend.  I wasn't shocked by the headlines over the weekend.  Astros lose in Garner debut.  Astros lose again.  It took the Rocket to finally give him his first W with them.  Pathetic.  On a better note, the talk is beginning on Geoff Jenkins getting a gold glove.  Why not?  His defense has been very good.  He is trying hard to earn it.  Hopefully, towards the end of the season, he doesn't have a lapse and let one bad play blow it for him.
So enjoy working everyone.  I hope you have speakers because the next couple entries may be by phone.  Hopefully it will work.  Who knows, I may have something else to enter today or tomorrow before I leave.  Have I hooked you yet?

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