Friday, July 30, 2004

Sorry spider but I own this place

I had talked about my prior experience with the spider that had decided to own the inside of my storm door on the back of my house. What I never talked about was the free reign I gave a spider outside the doorway on the light. I would leave him alone thinking that hey, he was feasting on the bugs that would hover around the light. But the problem would be that his little empire would get a little too big. Who wants to come home every night to see an ever increasing web with a bunch of little bugs in it? I notice that usually that there is one kinda big guy in the web so I thought he was the owner. So, today I wiped the web out because it was getting out of hand. I though the one spider would just do his thing again eventually.
Little did I know I had a little family at work. When I got home there were 3 little guys working and the big guy was no where in sight. Worse was the one who decide to try and take over the inside of the screen door again. Foolish spider. They can have the outside. Don't mess where someone might walk into the web.

Once again, I am playing poker after a hearty night at the bar. So far, so good. I moved up nicely, but not quickly. Only problem was misreading a nut straight that did not happen (I was missing my jack). Still think I will do good. At least better than the spiders.

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