Saturday, July 31, 2004

24 beers...24 hours...Coincidence?

Everyone has heard this one before. I think it might be a Steven Wright bit, but my buddy Tim proposed this interesting challenge while in Vegas. Can you drink one beer an hour, for 24 hours, thus finishing a case in one day? Needless to say, I have given this great thought. You can drink only one beer per hour. One would need a strategy to accomplish this feat. The tough parts would be:
  • When to start
  • Getting sleep
  • Drinking only one beer per hour
  • How does the body handle the slow addition of alcohol

When to start is a great place to begin to strategize. I think the optimal time would be later in the evening. 9 or 10 pm. This way, you can have a couple of beers before sleeping. Yes, you would need to sleep, but we will get to that in a bit. The late evening start would allow you to get in 3 to 4 beers, thus a good start. It would also give you a good finishing time of later in the evening the next day. It would be rough to wait for the start, but with some patience and planning, it would work.

Sleep would also be needed of course. I think to succeed, you would need to keep a normal routine as much as possible. Yes, waking up every hour during the night is not normal, but being awake to drink a beer in 5 to 10 minutes would allow you to get most of your sleep. As long as you can get up, drink it and not waste to much time, you can make it through the night, though the beers at like 3,4,5 in the morning would be a bitch! But again, a normal routine could be maintained. Once you get through these wee hours, it could be downhill from there, as long you remember to set the alarm each hour.

Or would it be? I don't know how one could drink just one beer per hour. That sounds tough to me. Maybe later in the day you could try and spread that beer over the hour, but it would get warm. Water would have be substituted in during the day to help you out.

Finally, how will the body feel after say, half the case? 12 hours of drinking sounds like you would be tanked. But would you be? Slow addition of alcohol every hour. What would that do to you?

So, in summation, I, being a man of science, will undertake this feat. Maybe next weekend. I can see getting an 18 pack of Lite and settling in. I picture drinking the 18 pack at home and finishing in a bar, in front of appreciative fans- kinda like watching a marathon runner enter the stadium to the roar of the fans. But in order to accomplish this challenge, I would need to err on the side of caution and find a driver to get me to the bar. I am now taking volunteers and hey, if you want to make a pledge to cheer me on, I will take cash. C'mon, you could be part of history and be at the bar, buying me one of the last beers.

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