Friday, August 20, 2004

I call it tact

No one will ever accuse me of being policitically correct. I think it is wrong to constantly tell others nice things (that you don't mean) so you don't hurt their feelings, inadvertently say something that they find offensive and just dance around the bush. I especially hate this when playing poker. Someone makes a dumb move, bad call, or bet and they get lucky and the one card that can help them hits on the river. There will be some moron that types in "nice hand". No, it wasn't. Yes, the hand may have worked out, but it was a bad play. Poker etiquette is that you do not complain and slam the person for making the that play. Heck, you want them to do it again and again because it won't work out the same way. Most of the time, they will lose that hand. Same thing in volleyball. I hate it when someone hits the ball and it bounces on the top of the net, curls around and drop over onto the other side. It is a bad hit that just so happened to go over. Some dip will tell them nice hit- no, there isn't any sarcasm in it either- and high five them. Some people will even try to make it sound like they intended to do it or complain when the ball doesn't go over. Bottom line, whether it is poker or volleyball, or any other activity, you shouldn't let people think a stupid move was good. If so, we would all be playing soccer.

Saw a story about a guy in Colorado who collects marbles. In the story, he comments that he never gets tired looking at his marbles. Does he use a mirror for that?

This weekend I go for poker glory in a tourney online. First place is 50k. 300 people are entered so far. Top 30 pay starting at 500. I wouldn't mind that either.

Finally, did you see where Google closed on the first day? Hmm...I recall someone saying that it would close above 100...

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