Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Nothing better than Cowboys football

The Dallas Cowboys. America's Team. Nice to watch them play football again. In the only meaningful game of the preseason. Victory is nice, but there were too many bad things to offset the good. The secondary looks to be in trouble. Terrance Newman is covering half the field. The half they will not throw too. On the other side, Hunter or Powell cover, but don't make a play on the ball. Safety Dixon is there only because Woodson is out. He got burned when he didn't look for the football. Running defense was better, save for one over pursuit that led to a touchdown, but it was improved. They stuffed the Titans on 2 chances to pick up just a yard inside the Cowboys 10.
On offense, Vinnie looked very good. The line gave him plenty of time to look downfield. And throw downfield they did. With ease. They stretched the field well. Tight ends came up big. Watch Jason Witten. He had the makings of a very good receiver. Keyshawn did well in the clutch and Julius Jones ran and caught well. Offense looked better than I expected. Defense needs work.

I tried to play poker and watch the game at the same time. That didn't work well. Beside my cards sucking, I wasn't paying attention the card game. That can hurt you.

I am pondering a new addition to the site. I am having a small problem with my renter. Nothing big yet, but it is becoming a concern. So to help me through the issue, I may rant about it here. Y'all seem to like that.

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