Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What is the rule?

Maybe everyone has not contemplated this one before. Maybe it is only me, one who has too much time on hands (clap, clap) to think about this. Maybe it is from watching too much Seinfeld that cause me to ponder things. Such as...
You go to work in an office that has many people working in it. Some people you will run into all day, some not so much. What is the rule on greeting them all the time? A simple good morning at the start of the day is a friendly, respectful gesture. Maybe some chit chat. But then what? What happens if you run into them an hour later after your morning coffee has sent you to the restroom? Is a hello required? I think some gesture might be needed, maybe a simple "hey". But another hour or so goes by and you run into again after you leave a meeting. Again, you don't want to seem like an a-hole and totally brush them off. Is a verbal sound needed. Will a nod suffice? Then you bump into them again at lunch. Now you are required to acknowledge them yet again. You may be sick of this at this point, so you go with something funny "Hey, are you stalking me ? Ha hahaha". Of course, you will bump into them again after lunch and yet again probably while leaving work. What is the rule? Are verbals needed all the time? How many times must you say hello to someone? I mean, one can only nod, give out a "hey" or "dude" so many times to the same person.

The Brewers won a game!!! The misery ends at a dozen. Forget about the kringle line. These guys apparently were donut shopping. Now comes the influx of the kids from Huntsville and Indy. I need to go watch them this month to see what they may look like next year. Surprisingly they were able to trade Ben Grieve. Shocked that someone would want him. He was ok at best and looked like a lumbering ox in the outfield.

Labor Day weekend is coming up. The Summerfest Encore is scheduled for the weekend. Should be interesting to see how many people show up. A good crowd ensure they do it again next year.

Still wondering if I should go camping next weekend. Hmm...tough one.

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