Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Thanks for playing, now leave!

Glad to see Team Midget get eliminated last night. They were getting beyond annoying. But now the pretty couple has basically replaced them. This dude is pretty pompous. He is too much of a "gotta win" person that I feel sorry for him. Look around you at the countries you are in. You may never be back. He also doesn't treat the locals with any respect. Looks like he freaks out next week as well. I hope they leave next so we have the teams that can compete against each other in a more civil manner left.
Still amazed that no one is constantly trying to find the best flight to the next destination. I thought is was equally hilarious and stupid that these teams book a flight to Kenya through Zurich that would come in one day later. Huh? Have these people not watched the show before? The teams that have done the best are the ones that spend the time with a travel agent whenever possible. That half hour investment usually saves time at the airport and gives you all the possibilities up front.
I also wonder what was up with eating the ostrich egg. They said it was the equivalent of 2 dozen chicken eggs. Would that be medium, large or jumbo? Either there was a funky taste to them or some of the teams just can't eat. They were puking all the time.

Brewers beat the schlubs. Good to see. Still aren't playing great baseball though. They can't seem to stay focused for more than a game or two.

Still doing the Badger Poker Series. Right now I am killing the game, though I didn't do well last night. If Milwaukee ends up like Madison in final points, I am already in the final game. Madtown finishes next week. I would be ranked 14th on their leaderboard. Maybe I take a vacation until the end of September....Nah! Last night was bad. Got queens knocked down when an A & K hit the board. Bailed on the turn. My next pair of queens help fill a flush against a terrible player who had no clue what he was doing. When he went all in, I gave the crying call thinking if my queens get beat twice, nothing is going to go well tonight. I went out when my jacks hit up against some kings. Oh well. For once I got some sleep.

And on a final note, the other day it was announce that the US would redeploy troops around the world with a big reduction in military personnel throughout Europe. Sounds like a good thing, right? Watch how the US will become the bad guy with this one. One German city is already whining that these troops leaving will hurt their economy. Hmm...won't go to Iraq but you want the American dollar to help you out....With the Europeans, you just can't win.

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