Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I am having a hard time understanding why traffic on 45S is constantly getting backed up around Capitol Drive nowadays. It used to back up just pass Burleigh only because of the curves beyond North Ave. It doesn't make any sense. I suspect it is all the old people out driving during the day that slows it up. I read an article that mentioned that most traffic jams you encounter were probably started by an event that happened over an hour ago. And depending on when you are driving (peak traffic), it can take up to 3 hours for a jam to finally unclog. Anyway the traffic on 45S is not a trend I want to see go on.

Bumper sticker I saw yesterday: I want to be like Barbie. That bitch has everything!!!

Encountered another bum on the road today. You know them- the speeder upper. They do not go with the flow of traffic in the left lane. You get stuck behind them for miles. When you finally can get pass them by changing lanes, they speed up so you can't get by them. When traffic forces you behind them (God forbid you pass them), they slow down again. Or if you are about to change lanes in front of them, they hit the gas like there is no tomorrow. The speeder upper needs to be extinguished. And I may be the guy to do it.

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