Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Well, I thought it was funny

Maybe I should have paid attention to the news last night. The lead story was about the liberal candidate for President (note how I will not put his name in here. I don't want my blog thing at the top to link to this moron) being in the city and having a rally downtown by the river. This thing irritated me for a couple of reasons. Yes, he is not my choice, so that is one. But the city closed some streets and there was heightened security. Why? He is just a candidate. And a lame one at that. So who paid for all of this? I have a bad feeling the city did. Thus, I am paying. That ain't right.
What was right was the Bush supporters there that made themselves known. Maybe blowing horns and using bullhorns was a little over the top but they got a reaction. I read in the paper the part about people waving waffles and flip flops. I liked the originality on that one. The chump on stage had the nerve to call these people goons as well. Surprise, the liberal hate machine rolls on.

The Brewers are 2 games below the kringle line. An improving Mets team comes to town followed by a pesky Marlin team. Maybe the bats will stay awake and they can win both series and get back above the kringle line. Pitching has been solid, but the offense has been AWOL. Let's see that change.

Went to a poker tournament last night and will be going again tonight. Some guy has a free series of tourneys going on. The set up is lame. Maybe lamer was my play last night. I think I was first out when I tried to bluff my way to a good pot. The person who called me shouldn't have. From others I have talked to, my bluff was good, but the call he made was very bad. So my experience may not necessarily become a poker talk but a talk about hot wings. Yes, I had some wings before playing and the were rather blah. Their "hot sauce" was Frank's Red Hot. Frank's is good stuff but it is not a wing sauce. So tonight I will be at the Rock Bottom and I just may have to have the wings to do the ol' taste test.

For lunch today, I had Polish Chicken Soup. Don't ask because I don't know what made it Polish. Maybe you should enter your own punchline below.

I was kinda proud that I had inspired some others to blog away. Now, I must officially declare them to be dead. Sad what blogrot can do to a reader.

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