Monday, August 02, 2004

Bloody and shattered

Ah, Monday morning. Get up and get back into the work routine. Every thing was going well, until I cut my chin shaving. No big deal. Wash up, hop in the shower. Hmmm, what is that feeling on my neck. Blood. It will go away. After a couple minutes in the shower, it will stop itself. Still bleeding. Apply pressure and go eat breakfast, that should do it. Throw red tissue in toilet, go get dressed. Wait, there is that feeling again. Hey, it is coming out again. Apply pressure, put on shirt, make sure you don't bleed on shirt. Maybe it needs a little air. Let is air out, that should help. No, still bleeding like a stuck pig. Grab a couple tissues and go to work. Still bleeding as I pump gas. This is somewhat interesting. Annoying but interesting. I wonder how long this nick might bleed. It finally stopped, but it had to be at least 15 minutes. I seem to cut this maybe once every couple of months, but it has never bled like this before. Maybe I became a hemophiliac over the weekend.

Now that I have grossed out all the people that get queezy about blood, I saw something I found interesting at work today. There is a window that was shattered in the cafeteria. The window is at least 15 feet high and maybe 3 feet across. Something hit it just below the center. The result was a spider web across the entire glass plate. The glass in still intact in the frame but it is shattered into hundreds of pieces. Wonder what hit it. To shatter the glass but not make it fall out of place means it was with great impact, but not enough to break on through to the other side (go ahead and start singing the Doors at this time).

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