Tuesday, September 14, 2004


I know this has happened to you. You have been pretty busy with things and you take extra time to get out to the store when you can. Having been gone for the weekend, I came home from work yesterday and realized I had no food in the house. So instead of being responsible and going to the store, I went and played poker instead. That lasted a couple of hours, so I decided to head out to the store and get what I needed. As I rolled up and down the aisles, I threw this and that in the cart. But I still found myself wandering around aimlessly, not really finding anything that looked good. So with a bunch of meat in my cart, I decided to just go home. Of course, the next morning I would realize what I had not bought; the crucial TP. Guess I will be crapping at work.

Funny how everyone is going to the Brewers game tonight hoping to see Barry Bonds hit his 700th home run. It would be good if he wasn't such an asshole. I got invited to the game tomorrow but could care less if he jacks one. I just want to see the Brewers win.

Oprah gave out cars to all the audience members for her season premiere. That is a big act of generosity. However, it isn't what is appears to be. The audience was made up of friends and relatives of staffers. Furthermore, Oprah didn't buy the cars. Pontiac donated them. It is a great gesture, but people shouldn't give her credit that she doesn't necessarily deserve. That is until she gives me a car.

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J. Gambino said...

FYI - the audience was not made up of friends and staffers. It is possible there may have been a few ther. Each person was screened to find out who really could use a new car. I speak this because Emily's friend is a producer on the show and they have strict rules about giving tickets away at special shows. No staffer can give tickets out when she has her Christmas show, for example.