Monday, September 20, 2004

Football, a sport like no other

It is interesting to see how different people act on a fall Monday morning at work. The mood is based on how their team did yesterday. I am in a good mood after the Cowboys victory yesterday. Most Packers fans are extremely quiet and cranky. Understandable. It is tough to come off the high after an impressive victory lat Monday night. Tuesday saw everyone all upbeat, talk about going all the way. One guy was looking at making plans to go to Jacksonville (I am not kidding about that one). But losing to a rival takes the wind out. Hopefully I don't feel that funk as the Boys take on the Deadskins on MNF next week. Boys-Skins is a much better rivalry anyways.

Saw a total idiot on the read today. I was in the left lane approaching Silver Spring Drive. I noticed a guy in a beat up Toyota in the center lane begin to speed up. I kept my speed at 70 as I watched him crawl up on the bumper of the car in front of him. If he was going to change lanes, he had very little room to pull in front of me. I was surprised to see him then attempt to change into right lane, where a red Thunderbird was going slower than he was. He tried this and sharply swerved right back into the lane he was in and right back on the other guy's ass. I knew what was happening next. He then swerves towards my lane. At this point, he would have hit me. I hit my horn and watch him yank the wheel back again and hit his brakes. Hard. I thought he might wipe out right then and there. As I passed him, I notice him freaking out yelling (or so it appeared) at the lady in the Thunderbird. He slammed his brakes and fell in back of the T Bird and took the Silver Spring exit. WTF? Why was he even thinking of hitting the left lane if he was exiting there? Even better, why was he blaming the other driver? It was his stupid driving that was going to cause any potential accident.

Good to feel the body is in shape for football season. 6 hours of solid drinking during the games and I feel great this morning. When I got home yesterday, I went online and started playing some poker. Did ok. Threw away some money on a limit game while I was making it all back in the no limit game. I guess I need to get away from the limit. Though I doubled up on Saturday morning, I gave it all back and then some. Meanwhile my no limit game has been very good. I need to stick to that one.

Had to take a small break from typing as two Kringles just went by. The department I am in just swarmed over like locusts so I had move fast to get some. The pecan was good. It will go well with the section the WSJ has today about football. One whole section about football. Nice!

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