Friday, September 17, 2004


A trip to Hawaii next year was proposed at the bar last night. Someone has a package created to spend 14 days over on the islands. It includes going to see the Badgers play football as well. Just over two grand is a good price. I would like to go but things are cloudy with my job right now. We are going through a strange period at work where details are being wrapped up. Strange part is I don't know where I fit in. The department I work for has been taken care of. But because I don't do the job they do, I was excluded from those offers and told I would hear from someone else. Well, that someone else wasn't told that. So I sit here blowing in the wind, having been forgotten. My current boss has basically told me that I wouldn't be working for him as his team has been set up. A little smoke was blown up my ass as he fed me the "they don't want the best people all going into one department" line. Hey, look at me fart smoke rings! Looks like it is time to move on which is sad. I like what I do and who I work with. But it looks to be over. Time to contact a headhunter and see what is out there. Unfortunately that means starting over. My vacation time would be crushed down again. That would be no Hawaii. That could also mean no Vegas 3 times a year. Do I stay on at a company to keep what I have earned in benefits or take a nice payout to move on? That is a tough one. Anyone that knows any good headhunters, please send them on.

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