Thursday, September 16, 2004

More suite thoughts

Getting tickets to the suite is always interesting. These tickets are used for client events only. When they have a couple extra then associates may get invited. I like going to these as the observation of these clients are hilarious. Most of these people come not for the game, but because it is free and there is food. Last night, one elderly couple came into the suite and made a beeline to the appetizers. Before someone could approach them and find out whose clients they were, the lady had already gotten a chicken tender and dunked it into the stadium sauce. It was at this moment, I had the Seinfeld vision and I knew what was going to happen next. Sure as shit, she double dipped! But she wasn't done. She triple dipped. Then the ultimate, the quaddruple dip! Disgusting! What didn't she just pick up the sauce, take a mouthful, gargle it and spit it back into the bowl? (if a double dip is like putting your whole mouth into the dip, then gargling spitting must be the equivalent of the quad dip).

The other interesting thing that happens is that clients give the tickets away. They do not seem to understand the concept of why they have been invited. It is to thank them for their business and help to deepen the relationship. It becomes awkward when they give the tickets to a neighbor or co-worker who we have no clue who they are. Or, as in last night, he gives them to his kid and he invites his friends. Now someone has to keep an eye on them to make sure they do not start drinking all the beer (they were underage, but that didn't stop them from trying). Better yet was when the kids left and snuck someone else in. Funny because we didn't care if another soda was drunk or she ate a cookie. There was plenty to go around.

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Queenie said...

At least you are not a stupid drunk.