Thursday, September 02, 2004


A couple of things this morning have me scratching my head wondering what the heck are they thinking. Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love and free wireless internet? Philly wants to spend the money to become the biggest WIFI hotspot in the country. They want everyone to open their laptop and connect to the internet wherever they are in the city. Yeah....right. All the poor people in the city not only have to GET a laptop, but they have to spend extra money to get a WIRELESS modem. This makes a lot of sense!

This doesn't either. A friend of mine told me that his company (a Fortune 500 company none the less), has disabled the "out of office" function on their Outlook. They find that to be a security risk. They do not want co-workers or customer not knowing they aren't in the office. Build customer relations by giving them the impression they are being ignored. Works well.

So can I wear dark blue socks with khakis and a light blue shirt? Doesn't matter because I am. I may work in an office and have the required business wear, but when we switched to casual, I didn't realize that I would have to go and buy a bunch of socks. But do I care? Of course not. Maybe when I am at Kohls next time I will remember to buy some socks, but until then, I will let the GQ reading, Kettle One drinking, tofu eating plastic people to care about their socks.

Brewers blew one last night. I think they may have given up. Deion Sanders is coming back. Who cares? The Cowboys get to play football again tonight. If I was a betting man (wait, I am), I would take the Chiefs. Coach Parcells is going to see what he has left in certain players. I wonder if he hopes the Chiefs pass early and often to test his corners?

Someone brought some kringles in. Almond-macademia nut, raspberry, and turtle. Excuse me while I go chow down.

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John D Schultz said...

I read today that Madison, WI is also jumping on the WIFI bandwagon and want to adopt a similar plan!